Buying A Property at Lake Oconee

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Whether you've decided to break your ties with the constant drone of the city or you're simply looking for an occasional escape from the chaos, lake life may just be calling to you. Georgia's Lake Country happens to have one of the sweetest and most alluring voices in the nation. This particular region surrounding two lakes handcrafted by Georgia Power encompasses a handful of small towns, including Eatonton, Greensboro, Madison,and Milledgeville. Each has been described by locals and visitors alike as a little slice of Mayberry.

Despite the quiet, laid-back nature of the area, you'll find an endless array of unique shops, dining experiences and things to do when you take a notion to venture outside of your new home. Formerly home to such famed authors as Joel Chandler Harris and Flannery O'Connor, this getaway in the heart of Bulldog Country now offers golfing fit for the annual Masters Tournament, miles of ATV trails, and sprawling bike-worthy roads as well as lazy days of bass fishing. If you enjoy antiquing, this is where you need to be.

Tips for Choosing a Lake Country Home

From the renowned beauty of Reynolds Plantation to the rolling hills and vast shorelines of the Harbor Club community, you're sure to find your perfect home on Lake Oconee. Regardless of how you prefer to spend your free time, any of the local neighborhoods are fully capable of accommodating your needs. Still, taking a few key points into consideration may help make your final decision a little easier.

1) First of all, creating a list of essentials versus elements you'd like to have is crucial to the home-buying process. Unless you're having a home built from the ground up to your exact specifications, you're not likely to find a place offering the square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and all the other aspects you need as well as all the non-essential features you want. You may need to give some details precedence over others, but when it comes to homes available on Lake Oconee, you're not exactly going to be sacrificing anything.

2) Learn about the neighborhood before making your final choice. Taking a physical tour of the homes you're considering is a given, but extending your circuit beyond the property itself is also important. Whether you're a Georgia native or have never even been to the south, why not make a weekend or an entire week of your visit? Take some time to peruse the local antique shops, specialty boutiques, and restaurants during your stay. Speak with some of your potential neighbors, too. You won't find the standoffish attitude here like you would in some corners of the country. Locals are more than willing to tell you all about the area, recommend places to check out, and welcome you with open arms.

3) Make yourself at home before signing on the dotted line. Of course, this is a mental scenario, but it can go a long way toward deciding which home is the one for you. During the course of your walk-through, don't just look at each room, actually see it. Prop up in the kitchen and imagine yourself flitting around preparing Christmas dinner. Are the counters at a comfortable height for you? Picture your family stretched out in the living room watching a movie. Envision yourself lounging on the back porch gazing at the surrounding landscape. Does the master bathroom hold enough storage space for all your personal items? Don't be afraid to plunder through the cabinets and closets, either.

4) Once you spend a few days visiting Lake Oconee and viewing available properties, making the area your home won't be a difficult decision; the tricky part will more likely be remembering which features were unique to each home. It's impossible to capture all the details of a home and display them on a single online listing, so referring to our website afterward may not be enough to remind you of exactly what you love about each home you toured here. Don't be shy about taking pictures and videos both inside and outside each of our properties. This way, you can hold on to what's important to you about each one and use it to your advantage while making your final decision.

Generally, most real estate advisors tell readers to think about their overall lifestyles in comparison to the amenities in an area before purchasing a home, but that's really not an issue in Lake Country. There's something for everyone here, from sweet treats, jet skis, and little league teams to elegant wines, rare jewelry designs, and peaceful downtime. If you find yourself yearning for the hustle and bustle of the city from time to time, you don't have to go far to find it.

Browse our Lake Oconee and Lake Sinclair homes for sale, use our Property Organizer to keep track of the homes and lots that you love, and please contact us for more information. Then, schedule some time away to visit the area for yourself to see what Georgia's Lake Country has to offer. Once you do, you won't want to leave.