Home For Sale at Lake Oconee

Home For Sale in Lake Oconee

Selling a home presents obstacles for virtually anyone, but those hurdles don't need to be overwhelming. Even though the process can be intimidating, working closely with a real estate professional helps. Kathy Daniel of Real Estate Lake Oconee understands the issues involved and is happy to sit down with a seller and review every step of the sales process and how it will impact the seller and any family members. Kathy's expertise reduces the chances of issues arising and increases the odds of a successful sale. Selling a home isn't just a business transaction, moving is about exciting changes in life, and Kathy wants those changes to be positive. When you call Kathy, she'll go over several factors impacting the sale of your home.

Timing is Everything

Traditionally, more sales in the Lake Oconee and Lake Sinclair areas tend to occur during warmer months, but marketing a home during those months also presents some issues. That's why it's so important to craft a marketing plan in advance whenever possible, as taking advantage of prime selling periods is important. However, there are situations where waiting for the peak selling months in Georgia's Lake Country just isn't possible. Kathy understands the dynamics involved and counsels sellers in ways to creatively market a home regardless of the time of year but, when possible, marketing a home during warmer months generally provides the best results.

Establishing a Market Value

One of the first issues sellers face is determining a market value for their home. Since there are several things to consider when determining a market value of your home, working with Kathy Daniel is strongly recommended to guarantee the optimal asking price will be determined. When similar homes are currently being offered for sale, look closely at how those properties are priced. Past sales are another great indicator of value, and Kathy has access to records of all sales in the area and can isolate properties that are truly comparable to your home. 

The condition of your home also matters. Even though another home may have the same square footage and a similar lot, if one of the homes is better maintained or has been updated, the values will be different. Even when two homes are identical, the one in better condition will, as a rule, command a higher selling price. Location is also important. Homes located near quality schools, prime shopping areas, and recreational venues are considered more desirable by most buyers. However, there are also buyers looking for that special secluded home offering privacy and quiet. Discussing these types of issues with Kathy will help any seller better grasp the current market conditions and which types of buyers are most likely to be attracted to a specific type of property.

Improving the Odds of a Quick Sale at a Top Price

Most people spend years personalizing their homes. While that makes the home more comfortable for them, that level of personalization may not be attractive to buyers. Real estate professionals routinely recommend property owners remove much of the clutter in their homes prior to marketing their homes. Real estate marketing professionals encourage sellers to avoid brightly-colored walls and unusual design elements as those factors often discourage buyers from making offers. In many cases, hiring a professional to stage the home might be recommended. That's especially true if a home will be vacant. Having too much furniture creates a cluttered look, but not having any furnishings makes it difficult for buyers to imagine how a room will look with furniture. With Kathy Daniel's advice, you'll know whether or not changes in furnishings or other decorating features would benefit the sale of your home.

Justifying Your Confidence

Real estate professionals follow up through every step of the sale process. While helping clients determine what an optimal listing price should be or counseling them on how to best present their homes to prospective buyers is important, trusted professionals do much more. Kathy makes sure your home is appropriately advertised and, once an offer is received, makes sure your interests are always protected. 

Selling a home is rarely easy, even when a great offer is obtained quickly. Inspections and appraisals must be properly handled. Buyers must be screened and there is a great deal of paperwork involved in every step of the process. Without the help of someone like Kathy Daniel, successfully closing a sale can be difficult at best. Most people simply don't have the knowledge to make sure everything necessary to sell a home is properly handled. Kathy, on the other hand, takes over the hard work so clients can devote their time living their lives. 

When you're considering selling your home, give Kathy a call. She is there to answer your questions and make sure you get the best price possible for your home. To get started, get in touch with her today.